The tournament will take place on the 26th and 27th of May.

This is a NAF sanctioned event. Meaning:

  • You must be a NAF member in order to participate;

  • Ponctuation on this tournament will count for the NAF worldwide ranking.



Not a NAF member yet? Don’t worry, you can join NAF when making the registration for this tournament – this will give you a NAF nick and number for ranking purposes which lasts forever, and you’ll receive the anual membership gift – dice and token.

This tournament will withhold a maximum of 54 players, and registrations are opened untill this max. is reached, or the 1st of May.

Although it’s the Portuguese National, players from all the corners of the world are most welcome to participate and enjoy one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, while playing one of your favourite games in a ranked tournment.