2º edition – 2019

25th and 26th of May

The tournament will take place on the 25th and 26th of May

NAF sanctioned event





In the old times, the Portuguese were the first western civilization to explore the Seven Seas, thus building the Fifth Empire of human History. The adaptation of triangular sails on portuguese caravels had a tremendous impact on this deed, allowing seafarers to sail against the wind.

Through many travels, failed attempts and well succeeded campaigns, the veils of the corners of the world were slowly being revealed to the “Old Continent”: meeting many different people and creatures, the establishment of trade routes opened also new roads of knowledge.

As proud people, the Portuguese tried not only to spread their language and religion, but also the noble art of football! But it seemed that others just couldn’t get it right…: Playing with their hands, tackling unmercifully, hitting players on the ground, bribing referees, made this a much more violent game, in which was common that not every player that entered the pitch came out in one piece – or even alive! The unpredictability and immorality of each match made it’s way through the hearts of common people, sailors and nobleman alike, becoming more and more common throughout the long and uncertain sea campaigns, being played not only on land, but also on the decks of the ships.

Rumours of explorers risking their lives on matches with uneven odds, against ruthless and deformed beasts, made way to the ears of the Portuguese, and although some saw them as charmed tales to impress the ladies, King D. Manuel gained a particular interest in them! So interested that he wanted to see it in person: not only the bloody game, but also the creatures that allegedly participated – the giants, the dwarves, the green and the blue skinned, the sleek and the obese, the honored and the dirty. Also, the King asked for the return of his champion, to participate in his name, as team captain of the Portuguese team: Luiz Vaz de Camões!

Ravens and ships with messengers were sent all over the world, inviting the best teams of this modality, for the first grand tournament in Portuguese soil. The matches will be held at the court, where the teams will sweat their gut for wealth, titles and glory, in the upcoming LUSOBOWL