2nd edition – The Earthquake

25th – 26th of May

NAF sanctioned event




November 1st, 1755
The earth shakes in Portugal as one of the most violent earthquakes in History causes catastrophic damage in several parts of the country.
Lisbon was the most affected area: besides all the damaged and destroyed buildings, a fire broke out, ushering chaos and death. Terrorized, the survivors ran to the coast, only to be caught by a tidal wave that flooded the area now known as “Baixa Pombalina”. The water reached Campo de Ourique.
This event scarred the face of the capital, resulting in the death of one third of its population.
“Bury the dead and take care of the living!” was the motto adopted right away by then Minister of the Royal House: Sebastião José de Carvalho e Melo, later known as Marquis de Pombal. He was responsible for rebuilding Lisbon from the ruins.
In the face of such an herculean task, no efforts were spared to raise funds. The Marquis wasn’t affraid to take unpopular actions to achieve this goal – many of these actions contributed to his controversial reputation of “hard and practical man”.
One of his first measures included organizing a charitable event, with the revenue reverting to the reconstruction effort. The event needed to be unique and unforgettable, to gather merchants and kings from all over the world. It needed to be scandalous and outrageous, to encourage spectators to open their pockets, and thus, contribute to the righteous cause! And the solution was…a Blood Bowl tournament!
Due to it’s extreme violence, the practice of Blood Bowl has been banished from Europe for centuries, but no other event would gather so many spectators from all corners of the world, and hard times require hard measures…
This event had strong opposition from noblemen and wise citizens. It was a medieval measure that would show unprecedented violence to the people, but king D. José resigned himself to the harsh situation. Once it was over the profits would be used for greater good!
Invitations were sent to all regions across the world, for teams that would compete in blood and sweat for titles, gold and land, in the ruins of the recently destroyed Real Caza da Ópera.
The strangest creatures, the most superstitious coaches, the unorthodox players, the dirty moves and unbelievable plays of Blood Bowl will return to Portugal, to shine again under the cries of a thirsty audience!
Welcome to Lusobowl – Portuguese National
2019 – 2nd edition – The Earthquake!